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Friday, 21 July 2017

If you missed the live chat with @ZMyersOfficial or would like to watch it again, you can watch it here: @Shinedown

Waterloo, NY! It's your turn to see @Shinedown at The Vine at Del Lago Resort! Who's going to the show?! Show info:

#Repost @bkerchofficial: Dammit. Damn it! Stop it! Please, I implore all of you. Suicide is not the answer. It only leaves sadness and anger. Ask for help. Talk to a friend, family, neighbor, stranger. Anyone! Just talk to someone. Life is important and fast moving. Don't cut it short. It's not fair . #shinedown #lifeisgood #blessed #campaignagainstnegativity

#Repost @shinedown: @thebrentsmith @ebassprod @bkerchofficial @zmyersofficial If you know someone who need help, or if you, yourself are thinking of hurting yourself PLEASE STOP and think!!! You are not alone, and you need not feel ashamed, or embarrassed... Please take a moment and share this link. Mental Health Issues are real... The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention can Help. #shinedown