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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

#Repost #Shinedown: @thebrentsmith honor of the release of the Original "I'll follow you" video, we would like to share this photo with the world. The man in the photo is Mr. William B. Doane. He is the father of our dear friend,collaborator, and director @doanefamilyfilms. He was a legend in Hollywood, in movie production, and special effects. All of the special effects in the "I'll follow you" video you see are because of him. He was on set that day for more the 18 hours making sure everyone was safe, but that everyone was having an amazing time. Bill was everything you wanted him to be... He was incendiary, and he will always be missed... Thank you Bill Doane For everything. R.I.P. #illfollowyou #originalversion #legend

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